Everybody needs good neighbours

Posted on November 7, 2020 by Categories: News

We pride ourselves on how our teams conduct themselves when working on jobs.  Working safely and professionally is essential; and receiving positive feedback from those living in the community within which we’re working is a testament to our employees.  Thank you to the Feather family who took the time to email us about one of our jobs:

“We are residents of Redland Court Road and wanted to take the opportunity to let you know how well your team are doing in managing the demolition. We are impressed at the care they are taking to sort materials as they go, and keep both the demolition area and the road/pavement neat and tidy at all times. We are particularly pleased that the local stone used to build the high wall virtually opposite our house will be hand-bagged and saved for re-use (Lewis, identified by his hard-hat, took a brief moment from his duties to politely answer my enquiry – another indication that your men are good at neighbour-relations). It is a little noisy, and we are not fans of the new development, but the developers have at least made the right choice in selecting your firm for this part of the job.”