We racked up the hours in Nottingham!

Posted on October 24, 2020 by Categories: News

Every so often we get tasked with something slightly unusual. This was exactly the case with our recent demolition job in Nottingham, which involved us dismantling a staggering amount of racking!

We were asked to remove the secure storage filing facility housed within three identical warehouses, each one 18m x 22m. With a mezzanine floor throughout, we needed to remove row after row of racking which was stacked at double height.

Due to the fabric of the building (which needed to remain in situ), no machine offers the finesse for a job like this. So instead, we removed every single nut and bolt by hand; which allowed us to take the racking down manually!

We took about 100 man days to complete the job and removed:

  • 135 tonnes of scrap metal
  • 20 tonnes of timber
  • 6 tonnes of general waste

Over 95% of all the waste was recycled.