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The ultimate road trip…!

Our fantastic team at David Horton Contractors never fail to amaze us.  We know our Office Manager, Lindsay, has a great sense of adventure; but when she announced one morning she was going to drive a car towards Mongolia, we thought she was slightly mad!


Inspired by the Mongol Rally, Lindsay – together with her friends Elaine and Alison – bought a Honda (Rhonda!) and set about planning their adventure independently; driving from the UK, East.


‘Rhonda and the Nomads’ have taken on their challenge by themselves (not as part of a large organised team) and are using their drive to raise money for UNICEF –


The ladies have crossed several borders, visited various ‘Stans and are seeing spectacular sights.  In the last couple of days they’ve climbed to over 8,000 feet.  They’ve driven the Anzob Tunnel, aka the Tunnel of Death(!), twice.  That’s 5km each way through the mountain.  All whilst avoiding locals overtaking and rushing to beat oncoming traffic on bends, and dodging potholes!  Their recent quest to try and get to the Pamir Highway started well – two hours driving on tarmac.  But turned into two hours driving on very bad roads, then an hour later coming across a two-way, single lane track with lorries coming in the opposite direction.  This, whilst on the edge and high up!  Driving so slowly meant it was likely to be another five hours until they reached the Pamirs, and a return journey in the dark.  They decided not to carry on, so made a u-turn and negotiated sheep and goats being herded home for the evening.  On the roads with the oncoming traffic!


You can see what Rhonda and the Nomads are up to on their Facebook page – Rhonda and the Nomads.  They’re also on Instagram – rhonda_and_the_nomads.  Follow them and lend them your support.

Keeping Rhonda and the Nomads company on the ferry across The Caspian!

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